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“My First Lab is made by C & A Scientific, a 28-year old designer and manufacturer of medical equipment and supplies. 15 years ago, C & A Scientific used its expertise designing medical microscopes to make a microscope for children that had medical-grade quality, but was more affordable, more portable, and had different functionality. The goal was to help children see science as not just something they did in school or for homework, but to take the microscope and explore their surroundings, gaining a deeper interest in science in the process.”

“Since that first microscope, C & A Scientific has expanded the My First Lab line to include a number of other microscopes, science kits, educational toys, and accessories. The team behind My First Lab consistently strives to deliver great product at an affordable price. Contact us to learn more!”

Sam Xiang

Sam Xiang

Chief Executive Officer at
C & A Scientific

Washington D.C.

Kenny Yu

Kenny Yu

Chief Operations Officer at
C & A Scientific

Centreville, Virginia.

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What our Clients say about us…

“What we like best about C & A Scientific is the durability of their products. We get a lot of great feedback from consumers, teachers, and parents using the product in the classroom or at home.”

“Parents and grandparents are looking for products that they could trust, that is a supplement to what is being taught in schools. These are the types of products that could do very well…”

“You can tell the difference that these are quality products, and what I love is that they’re at an affordable price for most families.”

“…I would refer other retailers to C & A, but I would also refer the consumers, friends and family, to buy the products for their kids.”

“What’s really great about C & A Scientific is that they instill curiosity into children from a young age.”

“We’ve got a ton of families, that’s what our market is focused on. They benefit from us, and C & A Scientific…”